Marketing automation can play a critical role in the success of your inbound marketing strategy . But there is no single way to integrate and execute it. Unfortunately. It happens that you come across errors that can compromise the entire campaign. In this article. We would like to help you better understand the mechanics of marketing automation and how and when to use them for the good of your business. We will see in particular what is marketing automation 7 common mistakes & 7 solutions to fix them speaking of marketing automation…

If you have a deposit account for

Your savings and have activat automatic feing. You will know very well that every month (or when you have decid) a certain number B2b Email List of euros are withdrawn from your current account to help increase your treasure. Think of marketing automation as that automatic system that withdraws money from one account to transfer it to another. It is a process that helps you better manage your savings and reach the goals you have set yourself sooner without having to do it manually every time .

What is marketing automation

b2b email list

The term marketing automation. Very simply. Refers to platforms that have the purpose of automating marketing processes Phone Number TW such as emails. Social mia . Etc. These are generally actions aim at nurturing leads; in other words. The marketing team creates and distributes (also through software) different types of content which have the aim of attracting qualifi traffic to the company website . Generating leads and qualifying them to encourage them to continue along the purchasing path.

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