Secondly, the violence and war scenes in the game have also attracted some attention. Although appropriate adjustments were made when the game was released in China, it is still avoid conflicting with some Chinese cultural values. Some parents and educators have expressed concerns about violent content in games, fearing it could have a negative impact on the mental health of young players.

Despite these controversies,

many players have expressed support for B2B Email List Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. exquisite graphics and exciting gameplay, making it an excellent work worthy of players’ experience. At the same time, some players also believe that the game can help the younger generation better understand the historical background of the Cold War through its description of historical events.

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Overall, the release of Call of Duty:

Black Ops Cold War in China sparked a lot Estonia Phone Number of discussion. As a form of entertainment, games certainly have their rationality, but they also require developers and relevant departments to review and adjust game content to respect differences in different cultures and values. At the same time, players should also treat the game rationally and continuously improve their historical literacy and cultural awareness.

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