I have the impression that the selection interview is more than overrated by the candidates themselves. The shadow of job interviews is long. In the world of guidance, job search, coaching and training professionals. They generally give us what is easiest to sell because we are also willing to buy it with joy. Supposed techniques, tricks and miraculous answers that are easy to apply. And in the short term, to pass interviews and to appear better professionals than we are. And of course, as everything seems like nails to the hammer. To the poor opportunity seeker everything seems like interviews and questions to answer with impeccable style.

Job interviews are not as influential

If the selection tests carried out on the candidates by other interviewers. And even by themselves, were repeated, those chosen and those unsuccessful would be different. CEILING Improvement test in job interviews Crypto Email List for fed up and obsessed candidates. How do you usually prepare or behave in a job interview? (Choose 2 of these 4 options) Learning to say as many obvious things as possible to try not to screw up. “Because of my profile, I am the most suitable person for the position. For me, a fair salary is one that is in line with what I contribute to the company.

My biggest flaw is that

I am a person who is too responsible and dedicated to work. I have to try to slow down a little sometimes. I can tell you about this company that it is one of the most important in its sector (and don’t ask me any more because I don’t even remember what its name is) Being formal and trying to look like a good professional, just as I have been taught. Asking permission from the interviewer before starting to smoke; do not put your feet on the table unless we gain confidence; Be careful with my posture and my non-verbal language so that the coach does not even discover my checking account number.

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