Sometimes I just write about what feels like Good things. I don’t follow visitors all the time – sometimes I just enjoy my hobby, which becomes more and more than just work.” How much time do you spend planning your posts? “Not a lot. I have a day job in another city. I blog sometimes every night, sometimes every second or third night. I often think about some topic while I’m driving and then speak French in the parking lot Write down thoughts. One of my most read posts was from Kaija Koo’s church concert. I secretly jotted down the most important things quickly, otherwise I would be thinking about them the entire concert , so that I don’t forget that the concert was left behind. I didn’t have any post-planning – I wrote as I felt.

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 I Left the Celiac Disease Association’s group blog in December 2017 and didn’t have time to write two blogs at the time.” How do you define a goal-driven blog? “Since I am a journalist by profession, I tried to get a side hustle from my blog from my first post. It took only a year and ten months to become an amazing success. Before that , I learned everything there is special data to know about blogging. improve my professional skills.  application as a sample of my work, which Also greatly influences the content of my blog. I monitor visitor numbers, develop social media accounts and attend various blogging and social media trainings, some of which are through my current job as a spokesperson.

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 I applied and entered the Everyday Crumbs group blog in April 2015. Early on, I decided that our kids’ names wouldn’t be on the blog. So the blog names weren’t their nicknames. I didn’t show the kids’ faces at first , but now they are revealed.  context in which they appeared. I was excited to start my own blog alongside the group blog. My blog was originally born in July 2015 under the name Over mountain Phone Number TW of laundry , went through the glass ceiling. I later omitted the rest of the name. I was unemployed after moving to Pilkanma when I opened these two blogs. These blogs also added great content to my resume. I was immediately interested in the world of blogging Feeling excited; about a new way of writing, visuals, social media and community spirit and peer support among bloggers. I joined Kaksplussa’s Blog Network in January 2016 and Kaksplussa’s Blog Portal in April 2017.

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