Ebooks can be part of an email plan. Excerpts from the e-book can become guest blog posts. Blog posts can become Quora answers. etc. For example you can find some content from our blog repurposed on our YouTube channel and vice versa. Views generated by a video Blog Post Template A video with over views on YouTube. Monthly organic traffic estimates for a blog post The blog post template is estimated to generate organic traffic per month. You can do this with all of your content. But if youre a team of one youll likely want to prioritize.

Writing and editing tools Here

Case Study How I Recovered My Lost Google Rankings Using Answer The Public Answer The Public is easy to use and straight to the point – the interface is intuitive. I use it most often to research and brainstorm topics and Phone Number List titles for my blog. Jena F. Surfer SEO Surfer SEO Outlining Tool Price per month free trial available Purpose Outline your content based on semantic search and natural language processing NLP. It helps you cover all the relevant topics and questions people are asking around these topics in your content. Case Study Surfer SEO Helps Click Up Increase Blog Traffic by in Months Pinterest

Here are some image creation and editing tools

Trends Pinterest Trends Report Shows Growing Trends in the United States. up with content ideas and finding topics that have a high chance Phone Number TW of success on Pinterest. Since Pinterest is also a search engine this can be a great way to find new and repeat traffic. You Need to Know Content planning and scheduling tools Next we have a set of tools for planning your content calendar and scheduling your social media posts. Notion Notion planning page example Price Free with different paid options Purpose Content planning and management dashboard.

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