I was late and didn’t know it yet. When I read the program I saw 14:48 and I simply assumed that it would be the time my.  Presentation began . That morning, tasks here, chores there, I couldn’t think of anything else but to try Bla Bla Car to go with someone to Alicante. Things went well, a very enjoyable trip but, let’s be honest, it delayed me a little . When the GPS showed 10 minutes to arrive, I was already receiving a.  Call from Isa letting me know that it would start in a few minutes. 2:48 p.m. was not the time to start but rather the time to end and.  To my surprise, we were much ahead of schedule. I accelerate that I accelerate you…

Introduction to Zapier: why automate?

To illustrate the problem and the solution, I asked for 2.  Volunteers whom I named “Josuit” (his task was to make a tweet every time I gave him a . signal) and “Eli Sare” (he had to move between slides when I gave him the signal). . It was quite fun to top industry data see how he put together the presentation while he made signs to one and the other… benefits-zapier-02 We live in the era.  Of cloud applications. Most of us, especially those of us who move in . This world of online marketing and blogging, use applications for almost everything . TRUE? There comes a time when we end up in a spiral since, faced with a new need. We find an.  application that solves it and this, in turn, opens new horizons for us that generates new needs for which we look for new applications. Deny me if you dare… hehehe.

What is Zapier?

Zapier.com is a cloud platform/tool ​​designed to build automations around third-party applications , leveraging the . Potential of APIs. Yes, it sounds a bit like an electoral program. Wait… Zapier.com is a website . Where you can connect services and platforms together .  such as Mailchimp with Twitter, so that what.  Happens on another can help you automatically.  Perform tasks on another. Better now? No. Let’s see… benefits-zapier-03 Zapier.com is like IFTTT (which I’m sure you already know because I’ve talked a lot about it) but Phone Number TW with a slight difference: Zapier is more complete . (editor’s note: I have changed. Complex to complete, don’t let it get out of hand…). There are four key points that, in.  My opinion, establish Zapier as a superior creation: Multiple steps. 

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