PRAISE. (House finds out that another doctor has been assigned a case he wants): “Well, I don’t like to speak badly about other doctors, and even less so about such a clumsy drunk.” HUMOR. (House, after seeing the file of a patient who has just been admitted): Are you Taddy? I love the name, if I ever have a dog… REVELATIONS. (A patient’s little daughter passes by House’s office and asks if she is sad): “I’m not sad, I’m complicated. The aunts like it, you will soon understand.” COMPANIONS. (House talks to Wilson because he’s worried about Cuddy being sick): “She’s my boss. If she is sick, the hospital can kick her out, especially if she cracks.

I would have to learn to manipulate

The new one.” PERSUASION (Something happened during House’s operation that Cuddy doesn’t want to tell him): “I’ll take it out with a couple of blows to the surgeon.” MORE PERSUASION. (To contradict Crypto Email List her father, the mother of the sick girl says that operating on her can be dangerous): “And having a stupid mother.” EXTRAPERSUASION (House enters the room where the divorced parents of a girl are who cannot agree on her operation): “Sorry. So they want her daughter to die. For a few dollars, I can finish it off.” INDEPENDENCE. (House doesn’t want Wilson to hook up with a nurse and lists his romantic failures): “How many failed relationships will I have to put up with until you learn to love yourself? Literally speaking, of course.”

Cameron believes that keeping

An insomniac patient awake is torture): “Like driving nails into her feet. But you can do it if you wear a doctor’s coat.” OPTIMISM (To the father of a teenager who does not want to have surgery): “If you let the child hit the road at 15, you won’t have to buy him a new car at 16.” 5. PHRASES FROM DOCTOR HOUSE ABOUT MOTIVATION AND EMOTIONS OF THE COUNSELERS EQUALITY. (House responds to Cameron when he tells him that he treats a patient better because he’s a baseball myth): “My God, you’re right! “I promise you that the next time a girl pricks her finger we will spare ourselves.” SELF-ESTEEM (House shows Cameron the video of an operation. Next to the monitor is a bottle of whiskey) “Don’t look at the suspiciously half-empty bottle and look at the screen.

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