Generalized optimism is meaningless and is also less productive and effective. Pessimism is definitely not what we have been told. Behaving in a “pessimistic” way basically consists of foreseeing possible problems, which is the first step in facing them. Being aware of what can go wrong, on many occasions, can make us feel an inevitable but adaptive anxiety because it gives us the strength to prepare for what may come. Unjustified or extreme anxiety about the future, defeatist obsession and, in general, useless negative thoughts, are in no way part of pessimism, but rather part of certain psychopathologies and/or some annoying personalities .

With this entry we begin the trilogy

Being a pessimist is cool” (you can now see the second installment , pessimism is also fun ) to vindicate the values ​​of well-understood pessimism and skeptical-stoic positions that are as unfairly maligned as they are absurdly wasted. Are you tired of always being told “make that face happy” ? Do they criticize you for always thinking about what could Crypto Email List go wrong, even if you are right? Would you like all your optimistic friends to understand that you can’t be like them? If your answer is yes, congratulations, you are one of the millions of positive or defensive pessimists who use the strategy of always thinking the worst to then enjoy the best . What if the train was late and you didn’t arrive on time for that job interview? What if my girlfriend left me for someone taller -and more optimistic-?

Promoting a positive pessimistic

Attitude forces you to plan better and work harder. In the following articles, “Pessimism is more fun” (Part II) and “Science recommends pessimism” (Part III), we will continue arguing. Now let’s stop talking and let’s do the TPP , Positive Pessimism Test . If you pass it with flying colors, you are prepared for the worst and your life will be happy.

If not, that vulgar optimism can even lead you to take out a mortgage. Tell me what you got . I have a mortgage. Photo: Here Think about a specific situation in which you would like to be successful or achieve what you set out to do. It can be related to work, your social life or any other area that interests you. Before answering, think carefully about how you would prepare to face the challenge, and assess to what extent you fit each of the following DEFINITIONS by answering YES or NO .

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