What you know very well about your home market, EU and US may not be the scenario that China is concerned about. China, as an economic ecosystem and a universe itself, so to speak, is much more complicated than you might imagine. It pays well to do your research and homework. What worked for you years before when you were doing business in China and outside the Chinese market may not work today. Plus, you’re up against the best and biggest players in the industry.

Our guest today is Josh Gardner from kungfudata.com. With his extensive experience working inside and outside China over many years, he has the most significant and detailed perspective on China’s eCommerce and digital marketing climate.

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According to him, what is happening in Southeast Asia today has happened in China five years ago. They are far ahead in the Jordan Mobile Number List eCommerce space. He suggests taking a closer look at the field, studying it and seeing what they’re doing in China that works. And then map out a design for your eCommerce business that makes sense for you and the Southeast Asian market.

What Brought Him To China

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the job he had before he ended up in e-commerce [02:29]
Talking about Data KungFu, what it was all about, and the many iterations that went into before finally making it (including valuable thoughts on how to make it in China)

“Humility and respect for where you are going are two of the most profound qualities; open mindedness and change is another. That’s what I see in people who are doing well in China and maybe other markets they’re going to that aren’t their home market. It should lead you to good things in your life, especially in business expansion in Asia Pacific.” – Josh Gardener

“It’s so muted, which is a good word for Chinese eCommerce right now, hard to plan, hard to buy, hard to sell. Everyone Phone Number TW be careful. There is great demand, great energy, all pent up, waiting to be released, but it just sits there.

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