Andrés and Rodolfito were alone at home. Their parents left them a moment to do some shopping when the fire broke out. The flames prevented them from leaving the upstairs room. Andrés, who was 5 years old, devised a plan: he would put his brother, who had just turned 10 months old, in a backpack, climb out of the window and climb down the tree to the ground. The heat was melting the door while his brother was already crying inside the bag when Andrés began the adventure. His parents arrived just to see how the firefighters finished putting out the fire. A police officer showed the fire chief his admiration and surprise for the child’s tremendous feat. The firefighting expert, while continuing to supervise the work of his colleagues out of the corner of his eye.

Commented smugly:

No one has yet told him that he couldn’t do it. Wise men vignette tiger This story brings me to returns during sales times. My friends always make fun of my “shopping style. Which generally involves one or two returns (or three, I think that’s my record) until. I find the right fit, size or product. In certain establishments, the clerks declare with a straight face that I can change the product or that they give me a voucher to make another subsequent purchase but that the money is fine . However, I have always successfully negotiated a refund despite the tremendous efforts of the long-suffering shopkeepers. When I try to rationalize I can become very tired , according to the use of the term by the Spanish comedians Cruz y Raya.

Although in reality

It means tired or lazy and not heavy, which is how I usually put myself in sales, a skill that I developed thanks to my grandfather Mariano, a great conversational barber. The conviction I applied to my just demands depended on one thing: I thought I had the right. But no, apparently businesses can choose the way they manage returns. Now that I know that I cannot demand the amount, my negotiating courage has been greatly diminished. Many people have long since stopped thinking about what they want and now only do or try to do what they are allowed to do. And that vital resignation also ends up becoming a way of being.


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