“Roca train schedules” is exactly the same as “San Martin Unlock Product. Train schedules”, the only thing that changes are the schedules. Routes and fares to be displayed. Actually, the questions that users of one train ask are also asked by those on the other train. This worked very well for me and I also saved a lot of money. Although I paid a good editor for the essential content. As for the layout, exactly the same thing happens, the structure that the page for one of the trains must have is the same for the other, and so with its sister pages of schedules, fares, stations, etc… Believe me when I tell you that this is a brutal advantage when setting up a niche.

with the money Unlock Product that you will not have saved

because it gives you incredible industry email list speed and in a week you can have it set up. If you have more money than time… I recommend that you do the same as the person who has little money (even if you delegate the writing, never do it with the layout in Adsense) and with the money that you will not have saved you can pay a programmer to make a search engine with origin/destination, with three buttons that lead directly to the schedule, fare or route of each train. If you allow me some advice… No matter how little time you have, even if it takes much longer.

This worked very well for me and I also saved a lot of money

The best thing you can do is layout your Phone Number TW website, and inform yourself well about each URL. If you are not 100% informed you will never be able to get the most out of the page views and I assure you that there is the difference when it comes to monetizing this type of niches that usually have a low CPC. I forgot! If you make a URL, for example that of that station we were talking about before, never, never, but never, your “H1” should be Station + “station name” . You must give something more to Google, you must make it very clear that a user who performs a search is well served on your page.

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