Cold calling is a common recruiting technique that helps recruiters effectively contact and engage potential candidates. In China, cold calling skills are crucial for recruiters, which can help them expand recruitment channels, find suitable candidates, and improve recruitment efficiency. Here are some applications of cold calling techniques in recruiting:

Establish clear recruiting goals:

Before cold calling, recruiters need to clearly define the requirements for the position and the characteristics of the target candidates.  recruitment plans and strategies based on recruitment needs and talent market conditions, and conduct targeted cold-call recruitment.

Be prepared in advance: Before cold calling Whatsapp Number List recruitment, recruiters need to fully research and understand the target candidates, including their personal background, professional experience, skills and expertise, etc. They can obtain relevant information media, professional websites, talent databases and other channels, and prepare targeted recruitment words and content.

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Be professional and courteous:

When cold calling, recruiters need to be Brazil Phone Number¬†professional and courteous and respect the candidate’s time and wishes. They should introduce themselves and explain the purpose of the recruitment on the call, provide relevant information and respect the candidate’s feedback and decisions, avoiding an overly intrusive or stressful situation.


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