Building a great employer brand Employer brand is how you present your company to market people. The announcement of a good employer brand will attract the best candidates to apply for any job openings in the company. You can apply this feature through many platforms, especially on social media posts. These posts should show that your company’s work environment is friendly, professional, engaging and flexible.

The cheapest option is not always the best

 For example you can post employee’ birthday celebrations new database anniversary training company outings etc. Your current employees are ambassadors for the company. They can recommend your company to their friends and give them great feedback. Keep in mind that the call center market is full of competitors who all have the same number of growth issues and do their best to attract candidates.

When we are talking about setting up

 So this strategy should be long term because you have to always be in front of the candidate even before the candidate becomes a candidate. Challenges and solutions for batch pre-screening As mentioned above, recruiters need to have many Phone Number TW resumes to sift through and find the best candidates. So screening all resumes takes a lot of time and effort that can be assigned to more valuable tasks. For example, your HR team needs time to deal with disciplinary training to maintain workplace safety and more.

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