Advertisers and agencies reach the final stretch of the year with the feeling that COVID-19 was a remote nightmare happily left behind eons ago. However, initially disastrous “plot twists” such as the war in Ukraine. The energy crisis and the specter of recession that looms in a good number of economies on a global scale were not part of the 2022 script. This series of catastrophic (and unexpected) misfortunes has once again clouded the mood of the advertising industry. Which will conclude the year with less splendid figures than initially expected.

Last year advertising agencies

2022 has not been as normal as it initially seemed. During the  were able to once again indulge in the wild festival delirium of the industry email list pre-covid era with award ceremony galas that detached themselves from the arms of the once ubiquitous online ceremonies to reconnect with in-person events . Not in vain, Cannes Lions ,  industry. Once again rolled out the red carpet in person this year to massage the ego ( absolutely excessive, according to gossip ) of the advertisers.

The festivals and awards

David on the podium of Spanish creativity in 2022 that are given out. There have been running at full speed again in the last twelve months. As if Phone Number TW the pandemic had been almost a hallucination of bygone times. For this reason, and although creativity is not sheltered solely and exclusively in awards to attest to its gallantry. At we return to our traditional annual appointment with the calculator. To prepare our now classic ranking of the most creative agencies (from the quantitatively, not qualitatively).

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