The objective of this study and the event is to ensure transparency in calls and awards. “It is everyone’s money and it should benefit everyone ,” says José Carlos Gutiérrez. The president of the FEDE has also mentioned the Observatory of Public Competitions, which analyzes the competitions with the largest budget on a quarterly basis, and which confirms that “there is much to improve, since in advertising and communication the technical and qualitative part must prevail over the price, but In many of the contests it is the opposite. Furthermore, ” contests should not close competition to medium and small advertising agencies and companies , as happens in many cases, when SMEs are the ones that drive the country’s economy.

The FEDE shows us the contests with the largest and smallest budget

Fernando Montañés , director of the study and professor of advertising at La Nebrija. Has analyzed the data obtained in the report in depth. He states category email list that six of the ten contests with the largest budget called. In 2021 were to invest in Media. Three were for direct advertising, and one for digital services . After this information and as we can see in the video of the tweet. The presentation shows which is the contest with the largest budget of 2021. This was the Framework Agreement for the purchase of Media spaces, with €112 million . Also noteworthy are the €87 million from the Framework Agreement for the management and investment in Media of the Generalitat of Catalonia, the €48.4 million from the National Lottery, and the €29.3 million from the UOC.

30 euros per capita in advertising

The budget per person for the Administration’s Advertising contests in 2021 was almost €30 (€29.8): the €14,412 million of investment Phone Number TW planned in the calls between 47.3 mm. of inhabitants (INE). If we consider only traditional advertising campaigns (general and media advertising contests), the per capita investment was €17.6. Competitions for autonomy In 2021, Catalonia called the largest number of Advertising contests, 620, 20.7% of the total. Andalusia is close by, with 530 contests (17.7%). Madrid also stands out, with 504 competitions (16.8%); Comunitat Valenciana, with 246 contests (8.2%) and País Vasco, with 223 contests (7.4% of the total).

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