Will 2023 be a good year for retail? Retail success depends on many factors. Better to be aware of new tactics to grow more. In the 30 pages of Channable ‘s Ultimate Retail Guide you will be able to see the professional recommendations and trends for retail in 2023. Of course, direct marketing and conversion could not be missing. Stop by here. We give you an appetizer with some ideas to improve the conversion in your ecommerce this 2023.

Vitamin product sheets

If you don’t work on it, your competition will. Product descriptions should be enveloping, complete and focused on the value of the item. If the top industry data user sees it clearly, they will click on the buy button. To improve the customer experience, you now have to go beyond the text. The listings that convert best include quality images and videos. You not only show what it is like, but also how it is used or how well it works. In 2023 you will be able to introduce AI tools to create this content. If you want to learn more about the technological advances that are coming for ecommerce, take a look at this ebook from Channable.

Optimize the payment process

Users abandon 70% of online shopping carts. You have to implement solutions to make the purchasing process more fluid and easier: Optimized, secure and Phone Number TW simple payment process As a retailer, it is essential that you offer multiple payment and shipping options And make sure that your website, the payment environment and your purchase conditions inspire trust Are you aiming to improve the performance of your store? Discover more recommendations from retail experts in Channable’s Ultimate Guide to Retail in 2023. Download it here .

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