Many vocations arise with specialization: the more you know about something, the more you like it. Waiting for a vocation can be futile. Versatility is the ability to specialize early. Being versatile is not the opposite of being specialized; versatility is a facilitator of professional adaptation and specialization. Entrepreneur @marcvidal says , referring to taking initiative, that the essential thing is not the plane, the essential thing is flying. Specific competencies are valid for some professions, basic competencies are valid for all. Transversal skills allow us to learn new professions more easily and connect some sectors with others. Specialization guarantees the provision of services or the development of specific products. Screenshot 2015-10-21 at 17.55.46 LANGUAGES, THE MOST VERSATILE SKILL FOR LEARNING AND NETWORKING Transversal skills have value in many professional fields, while specialized skills focus on specific professions and sectors. Transversal skills make us versatile, such as language skills, mathematics and statistics, advanced office automation (also in the cloud), personal productivity , 2.0 collaboration and teamwork, networking , typing (yes, typing!) or even computer programming. Get strong in a group of skills, in a topic, sector, application or tool. Mathematics and statistics as skills for employment. What is a mathematician for? Graduates in mathematics and statistics are versatile professionals who do not suffer from unemployment in Spain: their unemployment rate is one of the lowest, around 6% according to the INE 2014. They work in the field of teaching (38.3%). but also in banking and finance (16.4%), public administration, computing, consulting or science and technology, according to data from the Royal Spanish Society of Mathematics (RSME). Large companies such as Zara, Mercadona or Eroski use them to optimize the logistics of home orders through transit studies and to minimize costs. In Barcelona, ​​a team of mathematicians designs the bus network schedules and in the banking sector they develop risk prediction models. In summary, mathematics provides data processing and the modeling and creation of numerical model structures that allow preliminary simulations to be carried out for the implementation of large and small citizen and business projects and services. Gema Muñoz, web analytics specialist , told me that this “new profession” requires skills in three areas: mathematics, technology and business vision: A web analyst must interpret data (mathematics) and know the related technology necessary to store and interpret that data. You must have the structured mind of a technician. Screenshot 2015-10-21 at 18.38.27 It is not only about being a good professional, but also about appearing and communicating it. The deficit of recent graduates in communication skills is evident in the study by the Adecco Employment Innovation Observatory, in which 19 multinationals such as BMW or Coca-Cola attest to the poor skills of young people when it comes to communicating and negotiate . The Personal Brand and Digital Reputation Guide offers advice on how to be and appear in the professional world.

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