He went to a building under construction in France and asked a worker what he was doing . (…) 6. Beckham’s beard. Do we focus on what is important or do we act as usual? A few years ago, a young nursing assistant with no experience sent 2,000 resumes in one month to private clinics. After many months of “waiting” she only received one response: “her CV remains on file.” When I asked her to draw a conclusion, she told me: “We will have to send them again Complaints in Guidance… and in life. I think it’s in Annie Hall where Woody Allen started by saying: There’s an old joke about two old ladies who are in a hotel. One says.

The food is so bad

And the other answers: “Yes, and the portions are so small” (…) 8. Training alone is not the solution. When in doubt or out of inertia, people prefer to take courses, and counselors decide to recommend them. Can Crypto Email List guidance mitigate the phenomenon of cornitis, or is it an impossible task? (…) 9. Insults and criticism. Why do we like them so much? (includes video). To the so-called counselors: get your ass off your chairs, get out of the office for a bit and go out into the fucking street to see what’s out there. You are not administrators or managers of any company, you are supposed to be career counselors. Do you know what that is? More field work and less tough face. Because the PP will take you out of your office in the next elections

Thirty blog articles have attempted

To relate humor to counseling, employment, etc. I’m left with dying on a Monday : A few days ago I heard in passing Chiquito (de la Calzada, of course) telling “his things” on a Canal Sur program where they were interviewing him. At that moment he told a short joke: “That man who dies on a Monday, and says: how badly I’m starting the week. By the way, before you go, can you still not find the man in the photo? That’s enough for you.

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