You can find Create Audience in the top left corner of the screen. For retargeting, we’ll use Custom Audiences, which allow us to create campaigns that target website visitors.

→ Select Site Traffic
You have several options available, but for retargeting, we will focus on website traffic to reach those who have visited your website.

Select the individual you want to contact from the list

You will be redirected to a page similar to the one shown below, where you can choose who can see your ad. You can concentrate on any of the following:

Those who visit your website.
People who visited a particular page.
Users browsing only certain websites
People who have never visited within a certain period of time are not included.
Special combination.
→ Select ad placement

After creating your ad and considering the target audience , you must choose where to distribute it. Always aim for automated ad placements , because Facebook understands where each ad type is most likely to achieve your campaign goals.

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6. Run Carousel or Multi-Purpose Ads

Carousel ads are ideal for eCommerce because they can feature multiple images or videos. They aren’t the most exciting ads to like and share, but they can be very effective at persuading people to subscribe to your list or make a purchase.

The benefit of these ads is that you can display multiple products in each ad. Therefore, if a buyer sees the hoodie they’re looking for in your ad for multiple products, they can browse and see other clothing-related products that might be more interesting.

As a result of increasing the likelihood that

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A product will be valuable to Phone Number TW consumers because of this advertising, you will generate more sales. We recommend using it for retargeting, especially for dynamic product retargeting ads.

Do you want to create your carousel ad? Follow the instructions below:

Launch Power Editor .
Create a standard ad, but change the campaign objective to “Clicks to website” or “Website conversions”.
Select “Multiple images and links in one ad” in the “Create Ad” section. If you don’t get this option, you don’t have access to this feature.

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