When I wrote about my mistakes as an entrepreneur , I began to realize a pattern that is true both on a personal level and on a company level. We all have habits, inertias, customs, education, training… call it what you want, that clearly push us in a direction: On the positive side, we see how that foundation that we have recorded internally allows us to function in our daily lives and evolve. In the same way, but on the negative side, it also leads us to make the same mistakes over and over again. It is in our hands to train ourselves and work to change our habits to try to make this evolution as positive as possible. My experience is that changing our inertia is one of the most difficult things

Add Your Heading Text HeA single failure in your strategy determines the results obtained

On paper everything seems to work perfectly but when we are executing the strategy there are various factors that make us deviate from the plan . Among these factors are the mistakes that we usually make in implementation. There are more obvious and normal errors that we can locate and solve with relative ease. The most category email list important problem is found with the errors caused by our inertia. They are errors that have an added difficulty. It is very difficult for us to detect them because they are part of our most deeply rooted habits, they are almost unconscious. And what’s more, the most common thing is that we commit them again in the medium term.

Relevance marketing: the five factors that must coincide for your marketing to be effective

All these errors cause the strategy to fail. It would not make much sense for us to try to group these errors together, since they are many and very diverse. Let’s see what Phone Number TW factors affect the strategy to end up failing. A while ago I talked about relevance in marketing on this blog, but I would like to update it and group it under the concept of relevance marketing that I apply daily and that, of course, I include in my book Marketing for Entrepreneurs . We can summarize the principle of relevance in marketing , saying that for our communication to be effective our message has to be relevant to our audience. If what you tell me interests me, I will want to know more. Otherwise I will tend to ignore it or forget it quickly.

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