Make it easy for your customers to contact you, but make sure you can join the channels you choose.

One of the customer service challenges is the lack of a unified view of the customer. This means that if your customers are happy with the help you provide through your shop messenger within Shopee, they should be equally confident that they will get the same quality of help if they contact you via Facebook messenger.

To ensure that you achieve consistency, your customer support must align with your customer journey.

Within your support team, use a single platform

And for frequently asked questions, you can also use chatbots and other visual resources.

4. Capture and exploit customer feedback
There is nothing more valuable than your customers’ honest feedback. Fortunately, online marketplaces and social media have built-in tools for gathering customer feedback.

Feedback is also one of the easiest ways to get a customer’s perspective on your business. So this is a great basis for looking at where and how you can improve your customer service .

Also, the most important feedback is Hungary Mobile Number List valid negative feedback. In fact, honest negative feedback​​is an opportunity for your business — you just need to act fast. A quick response gives unhappy customers a chance to be optimistic about your product or business.

If you take the time to measure and optimize your CS processes

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But how do we measure customer service? You can start with the metrics below:

Average resolution time – this is the average time for how quickly you resolve customer issues
Average reply time – this is the average time your agents respond to customers.
Customer satisfaction survey – this metric determines whether a customer experience is positive or negative.
Ticket volume – if you use a ticketing Phone Number TW system, tracking ticket volume will reveal how much stress your customer support team is under. Consistent large ticket volume also indicates that there is a major problem with the product you are selling or another important issue that needs to be addressed urgently.

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