At the risk of sounding like a salesman, let me tell you that not only do these marketing tactics exist, but they’re also actually some of the most effective ones. We’ve been using them, other marketers use them, and most of the big websites I’ve seen to date use them. But that’s not all. You don’t need a degree in marketing or to be a marketing pro to start promoting your website for free and get results. Here are 15 ideas that go into the free, Easy And and effective basket. One of the fundaments of the SEO process is to choose the right keywords to create content for.

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Tested tactic for new websites and websites without a strong backlink profile is to choose keywords with low ranking difficulty. You can spot those keywords by mainly executive data looking at two things: How many backlinks from unique domains do the top-ranking pages have? Do the top-ranking pages belong to a domain with high topical authority? Here’s how you can do it using Ahrefs’ Keywords Explorer. You can: Enter a seed keyword (or multiple seed keywords). Go to the Matching terms report and filter the KD (Keyword Difficulty) metric to show keywords with up to 20 KD. This will show you easy keywords based on backlink profile.

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Keyword and open the SERP panel to see what kinds of pages rank. If you see popular brands dominating, those keywords may be hard to rank despite the low KD. SERPs without Phone Number TW brands like that should be easier to target. Single low-competition keywords may not offer as much traffic potential. But if you pile up a number of pages targeting these keywords, you can end up with serious organic search traffic. Also, low-competition keywords may convert better than their more generic counterparts if they are specific enough. One of the neat tricks to find keywords that can possibly convert to sales is to check the CPC ad cost to see if people bid for those keywords.

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