In this case, usually large expenditures on individual elements of visual identification do not translate into a better image or higher sales. We recommend Conversion funnel – how to build it in your industry? Examples of unique elements of visual identification of companies and brands The logo itself is not enough to talk about effective company branding. In the information buzz, all the basic elements of visual identification are neee, and even something extra. A good graphic designer, and preferably a team of visual communication experts , can develop less obvious elements that will make the brand instantly recognizable.

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In 2005, a Paul Smith boutique opene in Los Angeles. It would not stand out with anything, if not for the fact that the empty outer wall was painte in an intense pink color. Such a clear identification made passers-by stop to see what phone number list kind of shop it was. Today, it’s one of Los Angeles’ most famous selfie spots, and tourers from all over the world ask for this store when they visit the city. Just like color, a font can be associate with a brand. For example, the Star Wars franchise is recognizable by the font itself. Various elements of visual identification make up the famous packaging of Apple products.

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Designers have made opening them a pleasure and an announcement of something extraordinary. The packaging also attracts attention from Phone Number TW a distance.  And is hard to confuse with those of another brand. These are just a few examples of successful brand visual identification base on non-obvious meia, colors or fonts. Contact us and see what effective visual identification of your company can look like. Good to know: What does visual identification consist of? Visual identity is all the images and graphic information that express what a brand is and distinguish it from all other brands.

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