Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, When you write them down, it’s easier to start thinking about how to overcome them. 5 Tips on How to Give Your Readers More Than Expected Once your readers get used to getting consistent quality from you, it’s easy to surprise them and give them more. For example like this: Write a blog post that addresses a problem/challenge raised by the reader and try to help the reader solve it (build trust and credibility) Next to the blog post, provide an option to download a list of memories or tips related to the post, (remember to make joining gifts visually and content-wise) Reply to comments instead of “Thank you for your comment”, e.g.: “

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Like HBO’s Theme Song 264 Share Facebook 264 Twitter Interest LinkedIn 5 tips on how to give your readers more content than they expect.  your blog? By giving them more than they know how to expect. This doesn’t mean you have to keep giving more and more. It creates a squirrel wheel with no way out. The secret is to set “quality standards” for your blog that you can exceed. For example, quality criteria could be: A new database steady publishing rate No typos Good quality images You add a bit of humor to the text , but it’s important that you define what quality means in your particular blog. Even if you already do this.

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