The use of metaphors, stories and phrases with a message. Has more and more followers in the world of guidance and training. Thanks to them, clients have fun and the professional stops giving direct sermons. The question is to what extent these resources change people’s behavior on their own. No matter how exemplary and intuitive they may be. I leave you with today’s story but this time with more tasks: what do you suppose you have learned from this reading and that could also be useful for your pupils?

Has any story

“changed your life”? In the Middle Ages, a very virtuous man was unjustly accused of having murdered a woman. In reality, the true author was a very influential person in Crypto Email List the kingdom and that is why. From the first moment, efforts were made to find a scapegoat to cover up the culprit. The man was brought to trial already knowing that he would have little chance of escaping the terrible verdict: hanging. The Judge, also in conspiracy, nevertheless took care to give every appearance of a fair trial,

He said to the accused:

Knowing your reputation as a just man and devoted to the Lord, we are going to leave your destiny in His hands. We are going to write the words guilty and innocent on two separate pieces of paper. You will choose and it will be the hand of God that decides your destiny. Of course the bad official had prepared two papers with the same legend: GUILTY, but the virtuous man, even without knowing the details, realized that the proposed system was a trap. There was no escape. The Judge ordered the man to take one of the folded papers.

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