Be warned: buyers are eager to post negative reviews. Make sure that you fix their problem ASAP. Once completed, ask the customer if they can update their original review.

For eCommerce websites, trust starts with making a good first impression. Your website should look modern and professional.

Make sure the trust seal and security certificate

are immediately visible when a customer visits your website. Add a comprehensive and easy to read privacy policy stating that any personal information, especially credit card information is protected.

Vending tool
Marketplaces like Lazada and Shopee offer a variety of seller tools to help you make more sales. But with the kind of competition you’ll face in the marketplace, it’s important to use powerful tools to ensure profit and success.

Today, there are tools available for merchants selling in the marketplace, but which tool will work best for you?

Our best advice is to use a tool that can take your business from A to Z, can automate it, and gives you the data you need to ensure product listing optimization.

Ultimately, the marketplace is ideal if you want to get your brand out to a wide audience and create initial traction. With millions of visitors every month, it’s easy to create initial traction as you build your brand image. 

It’s easy and doesn’t cost much. Plus, if you Lebanon Email List start on the biggest and most established online marketplaces like Lazada and Shopee, you won’t have to think as much about your marketing, sales, and fulfillment processes anymore. 

If you want to curate your audience or if your niche is for a specific target market, having a website is better. 

Websites are set up for long term success

Country Email List

Plus you can build a strong brand. All your profits will be yours alone as you don’t have to share them with the market owners. 

But here’s a better choice: use both. 

Get started selling on marketplaces for initial brand awareness, as you build your eCommerce website. Most eCommerce sites embed a “Where to Buy” widget so users can go directly to their marketplace website. 

This way, you don’t have to think about shipping. Instead, you can focus on improving the experience. 

Thinking of increasing your product listing in the market? 

We can help you find the most searched Phone Number TW keywords on Lazada and Shopee, improve your product listings, land on the first page of search results in marketplaces, track your competitors with real-time updates, track your rankings and much more. 

The proven Split Dragon tool helps many traders succeed in their market selling. 

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