Lack of SEO data: It’s unclear what data will be shown in Google Search Console. And it’s unclear how SGE decides what thumbnails or text links to display. “We’ve built in strong protections to mitigate against inaccuracies, but like all LLM-base experiences, generative AI in Search is experimental and can make mistakes.

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It is traine to corroborate responses with resources from the open web, but sometimes responses may reflect inaccuracies that exist on the web at large. We’ve launche this special data as an experiment in Search Labs to start, and we’ll continue to improve and fine-tune the experience.” Google 8 likely impacts of SGE It’s already becoming clear that SGE will have a significant impact on both paid search and SEO. Organic results pushe down the page: The SGE AI-generate text occupies a lot of valuable real estate at the top of the SERP. This pushes down the organic results, and this in turn is likely to lead to less SEO traffic. People not visiting websites: In some cases.

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The SGE text will give the searcher enough  information, so (as mentione before) they may not progress beyond the SERP. This, again, will lead to less SEO Phone Number TW traffic. (However, any SEO traffic that does occur is likely to be more qualifie. These searchers have decide to visit your website to get more information.) Paid ads still display at the top of the SERP: For now, it looks like paid ads will continue to display at the top of the SERP, above the AI-generate text and the organic results. This will likely continue to be the first content that searchers see on the SERP. Increase competition. 

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