Shopee itself is an amazing tool for product selection.

8 Ways To Find The Best Products To Sell On Shopee: The Ultimate Guide Of January 2021

Switch to incognito mode then open Shopee. You cannot use your main Shopee account as it will use your personal history and your research will no longer be accurate for product selection.

Type In General Terms Like School Supplies Or Electronics

8 Ways To Find The Best Products To Sell On Shopee: The Ultimate Guide Of January 2021

Click on a product and pay special attention to Similar Products You May Like.

From there, you’ll find one to three suggestions that could qualify as products you can sell. In our example, the suggested complementary products are a wooden desk organizer (for markers) and colored memo pads.

8. Top Shopee Products
The easiest way to find the best products to sell on Shopee is to consult Shopee themselves.

Again, go into incognito mode and Thailand Mobile Number List then go to the Shopee website. On the homepage, navigate to the top products.

Bonus: How to Find Suppliers for Your Shopee Business
As a bonus, here are some quick resources on how you can find suppliers for your Shopee business.

Transact With Shopee Co-sellers

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There is a Facebook community of Shopee sellers that you can join where you can network with other Shopee sellers. You can publish a post saying you’re looking for suppliers and interested parties will comment on the products they sell.

You can also buy products in bulk from Shopee but we recommend getting in touch with the Facebook community as this will give you the opportunity to network with other sellers. Knowing that you will be buying in bulk and you are also a seller, you may even be able to negotiate for a discounted price.

Try Dropshipping
Dropshipping is a retail fulfillment method where the seller does not hold the product in stock. Instead, the seller will purchase the product from a third party and then the third party will ship the goods directly to the customer.

When you dropship, you don’t have Phone Number TW to risk losing a lot of money because you can’t find the best products to sell on Shopee.

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