Yesterday’s article broke all visitor records. Something must have influenced the fact that it was published in Menéame , you know, that website where the supporters group publishes news and the others vote for it. It is becoming a social phenomenon of Web 2.0 and it is interesting to read the most popular content from time to time. By the way, if you want, you still have time to give me a thumbs up, that is, to vote for me . The fact is that among the comments received, an anonymous reader wrote:

Good article But in a pessimistic tone

It would have been better to approach it more optimistically .” So I have made an amendment and today I have decided to focus on the solutions and not the problems. On the other hand, a repeat reader, and somewhat discouraged, demanded a “little joke” as soon as possible. Trying to reconcile both interests, positive pragmatism and humor Crypto Email List at all costs, I leave you with the visual metaphor of the smart dog , a model to follow, an example of planning, determination and pursuit of objectives that we can transfer to any area of ​​life: job search, overcoming a divorce, paying the Termomix bills… I promise that as soon as possible I will bring you new paradigms of virtue, this time with human beings. Of course, it might take a little longer.

They persisted until they reached

An agreement that the trip would be free if the student told the boatman three truths that could be useful (…) 4. Another way to understand the job interview and personnel selection.

Unfortunately, José Antonio was born without ears. Although he had been very successful in business, this problem bothered him greatly. One day, he needed to hire a new manager for his company and three candidates were waiting for the selection interview. Does self-help help? (I almost selected the post about happiness and its abuses , but I had to choose). In the Middle Ages, a religious man was commissioned to find out what workers thought about their work.

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