The fundamental job of counseling (and the most difficult and qualified) is not to inform or recommend, but to help people do what they have to do, to change. Blaming your child for getting bad grades and advising him to follow the good path is sucky. Another thing is to teach and support yourself to establish study habits and facilitate progress gradually . Recommending is easy: you just need to have an opinion. But managing change effectively requires being a “change specialist.” In addition to being ineffective, the advice we give and receive can also be counterproductive because it is generalized, because it does not adapt well to the case in question.

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the elf Gildor responded to Frodo , when he asked him for advice: Elves rarely give indiscreet advice, for advice is a very dangerous gift, even from the wise to the wise, since all directions can end badly. What do you want? You have not told me everything that concerns you; So how could I choose better than you? Oscar Wilde criticized, let’s say tactlessly, those who lived the life of know-it-alls or watchers at other funerals: It is always foolish to give advice, but giving good advice is absolutely fatal.

It is very difficult to create change with only good intentions and great common sense advice. Furthermore, when we spend cartridges in the form of recommendations not followed. With lessons on deaf ears or truths of the boatman not taken advantage of. These small and accumulated failures reduce our credibility and confidence as advisors or specialists in supporting professionals in their companies or in their careers. Let’s help generate alternatives and options. So that the supporters club will decide the path to follow if they can and if they want.

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The substance, the crux of the matter, will then be in helping you stay on the path to the end. Applying techniques of planning , behavior modification, networking , and acceptance and overcoming bad moments and the failures. CoHtQnPWYAAcHPo Advice in the company and in the career, with rigor and humor Too many counselors hand out advice like self-help sprinklers . Of course, some do it with a certain creativity, grace and even using metaphors and words from management and coaching. Others are drier than mojama and more tiresome than the sports section (I mean, football) on the news. And, be careful, I like to seek change through humor in professional advice and guidance.

But they are only means, let’s not forget that the objective of advice is not to say, but to help achieve. And no matter how much rhetoric and words we use, without methodology there is no your aunt. When professional employees and professionals are consistently implemented in the business world, the clients who pay for the services will demand results and then we can end up like the doctor who advised a man to stop smoking and drinking alcohol and then happened to him. the invoice. The subject responded:

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