How to react to opportunities that arise in the short term. In theory I am not a big fan of acting in the short term and jumping on opportunities that arise, no matter how good they may be. That’s why I’m unlikely to get into topics like cryptocurrencies yet. Lego is my Bitcoin . You sleep better (at least I do). In my case it has not been after a month with 4 million in turnover as he comments but at least the rest is similar. He shares four different tricks and interestingly one of the four overlaps with what I do.

Key factors to take advantage of an opportunity

Key factors to take advantage of an opportunity. Not every opportunity is good. You have to differentiate. Some are better than others. For me, at least email contact list two of the following three points must be met: There are long-term synergies : in an optimal case you act in the short term but it has long-term effects. It could be the case of a service that you offer punctually that generates contacts for clients in the medium and long term.

Beguerrilla case study – sending CE certificate for listings on Amazon

Beguerrilla case study – sending CE certificate for listings on Amazon. I have not been informed in detail but it has to do with new European legislation. That requires companies to have a CE certificate for certain categories of products such as toys. Months ago we began to receive Phone Number TW  notifications from Amazon. That some other listings were at risk of withdrawal. If we did not provide a CE certificate. After a short time, 80% of our catalog was at risk of withdrawal.

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