RECOGNITION. (Wilson tells House to quit the pills because he himself has admitted that he is hooked): “I said I’m addicted, not that I have a problem.” INTERVIEW TECHNIQUES. (The team has to pressure a patient to get the truth out of him): “You have to tell him that he will tell it. Don’t let Cameron tell him, we have to demoralize him.” CLASSIFICATION. (The doctors tell House the case of a patient who talks to God): “If you talk to God you are religious. If God talks to you, you are psychotic.” INQUIRY QUESTIONS (House asks his team about the case of a mother who has suffered a crisis): “Let’s see what causes crises, hypercalcemia, and makes mom look like the girl from the Exorcist?

House distrusts a patient

Because he believes he is faking paralysis and approaches her again after burning her foot): “Don’t worry, I’m not going to burn her again. I’m going to stab her with this!!” House has announced his next operation to a patient): “We will cut your balls, you will see how well it is.” MORE INFORMATION. (House speaking to the patient’s parents): “This is not Crypto Email List a store: no claims, no returns… Any more questions while your son goes off?” TO DEBATE. (Dr. House to a hospital doctor): “It turns out that your opinions don’t work well. I advise you to use mine”. (House is at Stacy’s house helping her wash the dishes when her husband suddenly walks in and asks what’s going on): “It’s not what it seems! It seems like we are washing the dishes but in reality we are fucking.(House to a patient who is being tested): “Congratulations, it was a tumor.” METAPHORS.

Doctors believe that a patient undergoing

Fertility treatment could have cancer): “Ultrasound her uterus, to see if something is growing inside that doesn’t take a bottle.” PESSIMISM. (House encouraging a paralyzed patient): “Life sucks and yours is worse than others. Although there are worse ones, which is also depressing.” LESSER EVIL. (A doctor says that if the illness suffered by a child continues to evolve he will be paralyzed): “How horrible! Thank goodness he will only live a week.” ENCOURAGE. (After announcing to a patient that she has a 12 kilo tumor): “Rejoice, it’s the clinic’s record.” TANGIBILIZE. (The friend of a patient who also suffers from a rash refuses to go to the hospital because he is too busy): Tell him that the rash is carnivorous, that his life hangs by a thread and that the next dish on the menu is his balls. DECISION.

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