Sabina proposes lyrics for the Spanish anthem . ” MENÉAME is a website that allows you to send stories like this one that will be reviewed by everyone and promoted, or not, to the main page. When a user sends a news item, it remains in the pending queue until it gathers enough votes to be published. You can check out the hottest news right now, vote, and post your own news once you’re registered. Any doubt ? Consulting this site is a geeky but healthy exercise in culture, information, humor, internet, employment, politics, economics, curiosities… which can also discover new interests. I shake every day. And you?

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that caught my attention today at 7 p.m. (…) 10 MENÉAME STORIES FROM A THURSDAY (Although they could have been others…) 1. 800 fraudulent universities offer fake degrees online 2. 45,000 real estate agencies will disappear in the next few years 3. Why you should not go into the pool after eating 4. Fired for warning about rats at the Crypto Email List Pizzahut 5. They deny him incapacity for work for dye your hair 6. The Treasury benefits from an error in the income tax program 7. A medical professor approves only 1 of 146 students 8. Selectivity reveals a shortage of vocabulary 9. University students accept jobs below their level training 10. Germany was able to win World War II QUESTION: Do you like this font size and unjustified paragraphs for articles better, or do I go back to the previous style?

We know that we need

Most laptops have ethernet ports so you can simply plug it. The ethernet cables have RJ45 ports. But if your laptop does not have an ethernet port then you will require an extra accessory. There are adapters in the market that can convert USB-A and USB-C ports to the ethernet-like connection. They are also available in different bandwidths. You can also invest in multi-port adaptors that have all these different ports. So, you will only need one for a different purpose.

Once you have plugged in your ethernet cable, the laptop or desktop will recognize it quickly. You should also ensure that the other end of the cables is plugged into the router or else you would not receive any pop up.

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