How much are we going to bill in December of this year with Amazon. Right now before going to bed I’m watching one of those series where they show people looking for gold. I must admit that it has a great simile with selling on Amazon. They look for the best lands to process in the machines that extract gold from the mud. Well things have changed recently. YouTube suggested a video by an entrepreneur named Alex Hormozi and since then I have consumed much of his content.

The best month in our history to date

The best month in our history to date. Last year we invoiced about 132k in December. It is a similar figure that we have not even reached by adding the last 3 months of billing of this year. In a single day we even email database exceeded 10k in turnover. For those dates we still do not have the precise profit data but you can divide those figures by 4 and you more or less have it. It presents the topic from a refreshing and realistic perspective.

The forecast for Christmas this year

The forecast for Christmas this year. Last year we made about 9k with Lego in December. This year it could easily be double or triple that. The best results will surely take Phone Number TW another year to arrive. In 2022, surely a large part of the investment made will have matured enough to reach a sale price for the minimum ROI of 75% that we are looking for. I have linked it above in case you want to take a look.

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