without Shopee, you can still participate in this trend, but if you do, you will be limited to the following:

Social Media Live Streaming

Live Stream Functionality Embedded In Your Ecommerce Site

Sometimes the downside to social media live streaming is that some audiences on Facebook, for example, have no buying America Cell Phone Number List intent. So you can generate interest that can increase your following, but not always result in an immediate increase in conversion rate.

Meanwhile, embedding live streaming functionality into your own website can be expensive and requires a lot of maintenance.

With Shopee, you have the tools and audience (with the right intent) at your disposal. For an in-depth review of Shopee for online sellers & brands, check out our post Lazada Vs Shopee: An Unbiased Comparison .

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Be A Successful Market Seller

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As one of the leading marketplaces in Southeast Asia, Shopee offers many opportunities to make sales. But at the same time, it is also quite competitive. Finding the best products to sell on Shopee is important, but to really stay competitive in the market you need the following.

Well-Optimized Product Listing
Your main image should be of high quality as this may encourage or discourage shoppers from adding your item to their cart. You also need to sprinkle your product description with properly targeted keywords.

Good Search Rating
As mentioned, you need to Phone Number TW sprinkle your product listings with keywords in the right places. Thus, you will increase your search ranking and you will appear on the first page of Shopee SERP (search engine results page).

We recommend using the Split Dragon Keyword Research tool.

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