In an environment in which the battle for customer attention is fiercer than ever, Nancy Flynn, executive director of the consulting firm. Therefore, The ePolicy Institute and author of the book “Writing effective e-mail. Has given her fifteen keys to Promotional emails capture and maintain consumer interest. 1.- Strategic recipient. A correct email address, especially when it is a B2B message. Ensures that the email does not pass through. Several hands and reaches the decision-maker in a group.  Personalization: the message must be focused on the interests and benefits of this decision maker.


Get around the controls

Identify yourself, the reader must know who executive email list is writing to them. Otherwise you will distrust the content.  “Subject” with verve: the “Subject” line is the most powerful weapon. Therefore, Identify the email before it is opened, it is the key. Therefore, It should be brief and direct. Thanks at the end: you have to start strong. Throughout the message you can highlight aspects and reiterate ideas.  Take care of your image: the content reflects the professionalism and credibility of its issuer.  Avoid confidential content: there is no privacy on the Internet.


Correction letters

Messages cannot offend the sensitivity of any group Phone Number TW based on race, sexual condition, or age.  Strict monitoring of netiquettes or communication rules on the Internet: do not shout, do not send spam. Therefore, No to bad news: for this type of information the telephone is better, since voice inflections help transmit it.  No copies or blind copies: these types of recipients do not feel obliged to respond. Therefore, Ask before attaching documents. Avoid emphasis: such as capital letters and highlighted exclamations (!!!). Be aware of the limitations of email: it is not always the best strategy to get an immediate response.

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