With the advent of technologies, the emphasis of the teaching profession is changing from a teacher-center approach that deliver lectures to student-center training within an interactive environment. The virtual era requires changes in the ucational world and ucation professionals have multiple reasons to take advantage of the possibilities provid by ICT and push ourselves towards a new paradigm focus on student activity, digital literacy, and rucing the failure rate. in linguistic and mathematical skills and the growing multiculturalism of society. *This post is a collaboration of Maricarmen Descalzi, professor at the Department of General Studies at the Universidad Privada del Norte .

Modernized Its Models with

Bibliography Cabero, J. (2004). Reflections on the digital divide. In F. Soto and J. Rodríguez (s), Technology, ucation and diversity: challenges and realities of digital inclusion , Murcia, Ministry of ucation and Culture. Cabero, J. (2006). “ICT and multiple intelligences”, Infobit. Magazine for the dissemination and ucational use of ICT. Martínez, F. (2006). The school integration of new technologies. In Cabero; J. (dir), New b2b leads technologies appli to ucation, Madrid, McGrawHill .As a university professor, I have spent many hours and years thinking about books whose stories or themes could suddenly, as if by magic, make my students regular readers or, at least, motivat and willing to finish their requir novel.

Great Reception in the

Illusionally, as always, i believ that everything was ruc to an idea that i took as a dogma: “you learn to read by reading.” lie. Over time i have realiz that the worst thing we can do to start a young student reading is to give them a book . Reading, understood at its basic and elementary level as the deciphering Phone Number TW of signs or indications perceiv by the senses, is typical of every living being. Birds read their environment to interpret signs of life; therefore, stimulat by the traces of the world, they hunt their prey, flee from the prator, take refuge from the nearby storm, migrate to warm places, avoid foreign space, and mate.

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