Does the mystery have to do with the absence of skills to work on these issues? A hammer will tend to drive, but it will never be able to screw when necessary. Perhaps the mystery is related to clients’ resistance to managing their contacts and the greater effort it requires from professionals? Anyway. The path of networking in the social and work world is exciting and there are already many published methodologies . For now, let’s put into practice social skills related to calling people by their name. Being interested in our acquaintances, or always trying to speak well. Of others by investigating their virtues and not their imbalances .

And do it not just to be liked

Yes, I know, it’s difficult. But we can start by imitating, for example, the famous American Confederate general, Robert E. Lee . Lee was speaking well of an officer under his command to Confederate President Jefferson Davis, when another officer warned him: “Don’t you know that the man you speak of with such admiration is one of your worst enemies and that he never misses an opportunity to denigrate him?” “Yes, but the president asked me for my opinion of him, not his opinion of me,” the general responded while stroking his thick mustaches (In How to Win Friends, by Carnegie).

In The Silence of the Lambs, with his usual chilling and efficient Socratic style, Hannibal Lecter illuminated agent Clarice Starling in her investigation into the case of a serial killer: “What is it that moves us? Greed. What is the first thing we covet? (…) We covet what we see.” If you live in a town of 50 inhabitants and you don’t travel or socialize too much, you will possibly end up marrying the neighbor.

Who is most drinkable

Who is willing to marry you (marry, I mean), and who for statistical reasons is more than possible that he/she is the only one in the village of worthy age. Of course, you will do it for love. And love is blind but above all circumstantial. Many people end up falling in love with their co-workers or classmates, which reveals that half-oranges tend to grow and fall from the tree that is right in the place where we usually spend the most time or that is closest to us. It is the famous suburban love. This circumlocution leads us straight to talking about the freedom of men (and women) and whether we choose what we want, or whether we simply want what we choose.

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