need to belong to groups 4, need to impose oneself on others 3. They tell me I should improve, but I don’t know how. Can these results be improved through coaching? Don’t you think that with so much labeling terminology and so many tools that we don’t really know what it measures, they end up confusing us? Don’t get involved with abstract concepts and labels that each “expert” defines as he sees fit and uses to try to value himself and differentiate himself. Better to observe the behaviors of other professionals who seem qualified to you to incorporate them into your “personality”.

If you appreciate colleagues

Who smile, who frequently ask how they can help you and know how to ask you for support in a kind way, if you want to improve, imitate them! and stop testing. Seek to improve your behaviors and stop speculating about “emotional intelligence.” Don’t just be “yourself”, be yourself adding the best of the people you learn from

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