In DebugView mode Post tags. Close the debug windows. Go to Google Tag Manager and click on the ‘Submit’ button It’s good practice to give a name to the version you publish. Thanks to this, in some time you will be able to easily remember what changes were made and when. You will be able to easily restore a specific version if ne. Way to go! You just learn how to debug in GTM and GA . If you are implementing non-standard events – the net step is to register non-standard dimensions and data in GA . How to do it? Find out in this article. Google Analytics.

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Step Implement additional tracking data Joanna Horoszko January , You will read in ~ min. In the previous article, we talk about the implementation of collecting popular events in lead campaigns. We also show how to go about measuring non-standard events. Step Today we will cover step , which is how to phone number list implement custom events and how to set up custom parameter collection in GA . From the article you will learn What are custom events in GA How to add custom events using Google Tag Manager How is the configuration of custom variables in Google Tag Manager.

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What are custom events in GA ? As a reminder – a non-standard event is one that does not fall within the recommend events offer by Google here is a link to the documentation . So, if you want to give the event your own name one that is not in the Google documentation and assign it parameters that describe it – be sure to read this article. Manager To begin with, let’s go back for a moment to the end of the previous part of the guide , where I show Phone Number TW you how. To collect custom events into a table Source Sempai’s own materials If your developer has already. Implement the events and parameters you specifi to the DataLayer data layer, you can proce to the net step.

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