Continuous expansion, but at the same time there was no protection of its competitiveness. Such companies, despite their theoretical successes, look more and more fossilize over time compare to more dynamic rivals. Often, in the end, they do not stand up to the competition, which offers lower prices or a more modern approach. How to maintain the status of a leader? The market leader strategy may fail. All is not lost then, and the company can still return to the top. Matt Palmqvist has done some interesting research on this ( Long -Term Market Leadership Persistence : Baselines , Economic Conditions , and Category Types.

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He analyze hundres of leaders from various industries over the course of 90 years. He note that some companies had the status of a leader for decades Chevrolet was the top car manufacturer in both 1962 and 1982). However, when the Latest Mailing Database researcher looke at the rankings in individual quarters, he found that the leaders often fell to second or third place, only to return to the top later. Only 4 surveye companies returne to the lost leadership position after 5 or 10 years. Within three years, 219 companies manage to do so. 1,004 companies fell down in the rankings, only to return to the first place after 2-3 quarters.

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This shows that the strategy of the market leader, contrary to appearances, does not have to exclude a temporary worse condition. Even if the company is temporarily doing worse, it can still make up for the losses – provide that it acts quickly. Market Phone Number TW leader strategy on the example of Coca-Cola This is perfectly visible on the example of the long-term struggle between Coca-Cola and Pepsi. Once it seems that one of the companies permanently outclasses the other, the dynamics change. Observing the communication strategy , marketing movements and history of these two companies, it is clear that the strategy of the market leader is no stranger to them.

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