And managed as code in templates that use version control.  your data into sensitivity levels and usage mechanisms, such as encryption, tokenization, and access control where appropriate. Keep people away from data Use  after in the IT industry. Job-desk wise, developers in this field are responsible for providing. Needs that are invisible to web users, such as how data is stored, processed and transacted securely. Dicoding together with AWS is holding the ” Cloud and Back-End. Developer Scholarship process, we will definitely encounter many difficulties. of programming cannot be to AWS.-as-a-service platform such as. Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS). Or, you can migrate your application to a fully managed platform like AWS Elastic Beanstalk.

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Company’s IT portfolio includes applications that are no longer used and could be turned off. Therefore, delete applications mechanisms and tools to reduce or eliminate the need for direct access or manual processing of data. That way, you can reduce the risk of mishandling, modification and human error when dealing with sensitive data. Prepare yourself for security incidents whatsapp data You need to prepare for a security incident by having incident management and investigation policies and processes that align with your organization’s needs. Run incident response simulations and use tools with automation to increase your speed of detection, investigation, and recovery. For more detailed implementation instructions, you can find them in the whitepaper for the Security.

The pillar discussed in this article

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pillar at the following link Security Pillar – AWS Well-Architected Framework .  is just one of the following five pillars of the AWS Well-Architected Framework: Operational Excellence Security Reliability Performance Efficiency Cost Optimization An in-depth discussion of these five pillars is part of the Back-End Developer Phone Number TW learning path which was prepared together with Amazon Web Services and other industry players. If you need a scholarship to gain access to this learning path, please register for the Cloud and Back-End Developer Scholarship program . 100,000 Scholarships for Indonesia from Amazon Web Services How to Validate Cloud Architecture Security: AWS Techniques – end Also read the following selected articles: Cloud and Back-End Developer Scholarship is Now Open. Cloud Computing Basics on AWS for Beginner Developers.

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