Customer service survey question present on mobile device 19. Avoid grid questions in mobile surveys. Questions present in grid format can provide tremendous value in the right situations. But should be avoid more often than not. The main reason is that grid format questions are usually not mobile-friendly and can be difficult to read. If you’re planning mobile-friendly surveys. It may be best to break these questions into smaller pieces. 20. Don’t use double negatives . A double negative occurs when you use two negative words in the same sentence such as the phrase “not not”.

Answers should be mutually exhaustive

This can often happen unintentionally when writing survey questions. But it can cause big problems for those who do it. A double negative is Country Email List always confusing because it makes it difficult to understand the meaning of the question and how the interviewee should answer. 21. Answers should be mutually exhaustive . Two answers are mutually exhaustive if they do not overlap in any way. Avoiding similar responses will help differentiate your respondents’ feback and give you a clear. Unambiguous set of data to examine.

This is a particularly important point

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When responses intersect too much. It not only makes it difficult for a respondent to make a choice. But also wastes valuable survey space Phone Number TW that could be us to research another response choice. 22. Limit scaling questions to seven options . This is a particularly important point for matrix questions. Where the interviewee must examine a number of different data points simultaneously. In these situations. It is best to provide one neutral rating. Three negative scores. And three positive scores for the rubric. Research has shown that using seven options on your scale provides a nice. Wide range of potential scores without being overwhelming. 23. Label your rating scales completely .

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