Almost seven out of ten do not know it. For those who are knowledgeable of Spanish about the subject. This form of unwanted 70% of Spanish advertising is one of the most boring. Ahead of mail boxing and telephone commercial information. Of the unwanted emails, sex emails are the most annoying and the most common on. The Internet for European Internet users. Along with virus emails and safe prize emails. Some companies don’t seem to realize how counterproductive spam can be. In addition to the negative attitude it creates in users.


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This type of message is to request removal company data from the sender’s address list. For many spammers this simply serves to confirm that the address is active and thus continue sending spam emails. Despite everything, spam already makes up 15 to 20 percent of all emails received by companies, according to consulting firm Ferris Research . Spam costs Europeans about $2.5 billion a year. The report, presented by Yahoo on May 22 during the European Day Against Spam, also concludes that Spaniards and French are the ones who check their email the least frequently. They do it only once a week, compared to 62% of Danes who perform the operation several times a day.

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A study by Wilson Internet Services points Phone Number TW out that 78% of those. Who choose this format do so because of its 70% of Spanish readability. Although 99% of the 954 respondents, professional and casual users, can receive and read HTML messages, 22% insist on receiving text-only emails. For those who prefer HTML, ease of reading is the most important reason for their choice. An attractive display is the feature highlighted by 68%. Ease of scanning and overall design receive the same percentage: 64%. Curiously, readability is also the reason most given by those who opt for plain text emails, with 73% of the responses.

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