Recommending simple activities to organize better or to learn to overcome difficulties is not bad. The problem is that applying these recommendations is a lot of work, requires time, and accepting that there will be relapses and bad feelings. We do not change overnight, lotteries and great existential events aside. Thinking well, feeling high self-esteem and showing a positive attitude are not the cause of our successes , the relationship is rather the opposite: the better we do, the more confident and optimistic we tend to feel. Money calls for money, and achievements… for everything else. Entrepreneurs who have set up their businesses recommend.

For example, the unemployed,

To trust in themselves as the key to success. But, wow, they forget to mention in detail (because that is more of a pain to tell and listen to) the years, efforts, risks and failures they suffered before achieving it, and the bad thoughts that sometimes accompanied them. Positive thinking and achieving what you want do not have to be related. You can be a poor person and be successful in life, just as you can be a total optimist and a “failure.” Even thinking pessimistically can be as good a method as any other. You may feel negative emotions or believe that things will go wrong, but if you define what you have to do, and do what you have to do, you will surely move forward and start to feel better.

Self-help is nothing more than methods

And recommendations, the bad thing is how they are sold and the over expectations they generate. To stay healthy, some books even include a disclaimer : The reader follows the recommendations in this book at his own risk. The author and publisher make no warranty of any kind about the usefulness of these recommendations.” At least warn. Anyway, self-help doesn’t help . Or at least, if it does, it works like any other method: it requires effort, focus and intelligence in its application. Almost nothing.

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