The best technological talent can lead companies to use the services of intermediaries and head hunters. Which usually involves a large outlay for each professional recruited. A cheaper and smarter measure to boost recruitment is to financially reward current and former employees for referring qualified professionals. Singular has created a Bootcamp program. Which offers incorporation contracts to recently graduated professionals to train and motivate them in the company. If your company is multinational or has several headquarters.

The great competition to obtain

Try to ensure that the provision of services and project management. Its headquarters in Oviedo, Badajoz or Seville. Maintain contact with former collaborators and former company data clients through personal meetings. Professional meetings to gather opinions and make proposals and through the organization of thematic.

Technical or debate events

To enhance relationships and community creation around an organization. It may be interesting to apply this. The value of “being a good person” understood as being a good colleague must be included. Guru claims or that become interested headlines to achieve dissemination of. The published content border on absurdity.

An interesting tool to begin to assess the opinion of workers is the which investigates whether they would recommend the organization as a workplace. Also, a network of mentors Email Data in the organization would do much more than “ensure happiness”: it would be a tool to generate it. Employees with more experience and skills should dedicate some of their time to mentoring those who need it. To do this, an agile system must be created that facilitates and even encourages. The request for mentoring, on the one hand. And its provision, on the other.

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